Contact your MLA

A rationale for bidding is that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has reformed. But these reforms are not yet proven, nor do they go far enough to reduce the risk to the host city.

We are concerned that for the City of Calgary and BidCo to proceed, the Government of Canada will be pressured to, effectively, write a blank cheque to the IOC.

We want to assure you that many, many Calgarians do not want any level of government to write that blank cheque to the IOC. We encourage a stronger negotiating stance with taxpayers' money by refusing to sign the Host City Agreement and, instead, for the Host City partners to challenge the IOC to share in the risk and the coverage of cost overruns.

Without this change in Host City contract terms, we are not comfortable with a Multi-Party Agreement being signed by our levels of Government. That Agreement, with undefined risk, would threaten the fragile recovery for Calgary and Alberta out of their economic downturn.

As proud Canadians, we are excited to cheer on our Canadian athletes as they compete on the world stage. We believe that being a host city for the IOC is not necessary to support our athletes.

Thank you for your careful consideration of the interests of Calgarians and all Albertans.