We like the Olympics and we can’t ignore the great success that was the Calgary ’88 games. Many of us were there and have fond memories.

Did you know that the Bid process in 1988 cost $140,000? For Calgary2026, we’re at $35 million and counting. That is 250 times. Just to prepare a Bid document.

The scale and related cost of hosting the Olympic games results in there being no comparison from 1988 to 2026. It’s fine to be nostalgic, but the 1988 games do not figure into the consideration for 2026.

What is real today is the municipal government act debt limit. One item in the Act defines how much debt a municipality can carry. Cities cannot allow debt to be more than 1.5 times revenue. With current debt, the City will reach the limit defined in the act through the Green Line and Crowchild Trail projects. Pursuing a bid would be contrary to the City’s own action plan and commitment to:

“Be as efficient and effective as possible, reducing costs and focusing on value-for-money.”

City of Calgary Action Plan

Alberta municipal government act