Letter warns UNESCO about Olympic impact in Banff National Park

Calgarians, Albertans and Canadians are increasingly skeptical of the International Olympic Committee and the benefits to host cities. No Calgary Olympics primary issue being cost and the responsibility of cost overruns being owned by the host City. We also  know that an Olympic bid going forward will be a huge distraction to our politicians who should be focusing on things that matter to all citizens

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Public Helath
  • Economic diversity
  • Environmental protection.


Last week the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society issued a letter to UNESCO saying ski events at Lake Louise could threaten the values that have made the park a World Heritage Site.

“We are asking that the World Heritage Committee make a recommendation to Canada or a statement against large-scale events or development that would have negative long term impacts in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site,” said the letter sent in April.

While the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society are not opposed to the Olympics, they are concerned about the impacts the event could have on the park.

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