Why be concerned?

We are not getting balanced, fulsome or credible information about the costs, risks and benefits of hosting the 2026 Olympics.

Without that information, we can look to experts who have studied Olympics and hosting:

An excellent, short read:
Circus Maximus: The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup, by Andrew Zimbalist

“Even appropriately jaded readers are likely to be shocked by the evidence …which reveals the magnitude of the deception that precedes these events and the disappointment that follows.”—The Economist


An excellent study focusing in on the trend to cost overruns and the reasons for them:
“At 156 percent in real terms, the Olympics have the highest average cost overrun of any type of megaproject.” Bent Flyvbjerg et al, Oxford University.

Source: The Oxford Olympics Study 2016: Cost and Cost Overrun at the Games, Bent Flyvbjerg, Allison Stewart, Alexander Budzier. July 2016