Meet Erin, Jeanne and Daniel

Who are we?

We are Calgarians who come to this issue with diverse perspectives and experience. We love our city and want the best for it and our neighbours. We are a grassroots group using online tools to connect with the hundreds of thousands of Calgarians who feel the same way.

Erin Waite -Communications & Daniel Gauld – Founder


Our goal is to ensure the City of Calgary does not bid on the 2026 Olympics. We believe there is compelling evidence that hosting the Olympics has a negligible benefit and substantial risk and burden. It is not a win-win, nor are the risks and costs being shared with Calgarians

What guides us?

Our opposition to a Calgary 2026 Olympic bid is based on:
(1) Economics (cost, including opportunity cost, and debt),
(2) IOC (lack of transparency, murky ethics and poor record as a project partner), and
(3) Bid process (competitively structured resulting in higher costs; too little public consultation; and poor transparency).

We want to ensure our elected officials are accountable, putting the interests of the City of Calgary ahead of any one ward or constituent, and certainly ahead of ego-driven goals and the interests of the IOC.

Jeanne Milne – Social media strategist and manager

We need to refocus our elected officials, at all levels of government, on priorities that ensure Calgary is a great place to live for the long-term, not just for 17 days in 2026.

We believe Calgarians, working hard to dig out of an economic downturn, are more concerned about housing, education, environmental protection, public health and, most important, economic diversity.