Calgary, City Council needs to learn to take a hint

The Calgary Herald reported that

“Council voted Monday to set a Sept. 10 deadline for clarity surrounding funding commitments from the provincial and federal governments.”

“If they’re interested and serious about Calgary being committed to this process, then now is the time for them to step up in a timely manner and respond to many of the things that we need answers to.” said Coun. Diane Colley-Urquhart.

Clearly Big Red, they aren’t interested. That’s why the negotiation for the bidco funding dragged on. Remember when the City was a little to eager to report some success,  when those negotiations clearly weren’t going well?

This same sentiment was expressed a few weeks ago where the Mayor reported:

“That’s actually really bad for the federal government and bad for the Canadian Olympic Committee in terms of future bids because we’re seen as a not-helpful partner in these bids,” 

Well, maybe we should not be putting the City in an undesirable negotiating position to begin with?

The hitch is the Multi Party Agreement. First used for the Vancouver games, the agreement will define who will pay for what. Negotiations are in-flight, with over-leveraged City staff scrambling to complete this along with the four year budget as well as details related to the green line. The MPA would include the City, Province, Federal and now additional cities that will share in the games. Proposed are Whistler, Edmonton and Canmore. Wondering if they will share in the estimated $1 Billion dollar security costs? Maybe, Calgary will get to pay for all of that, since this was their bright idea. Woo hoo hockey fans, you may get stuck with the cost and get to drive 3 hours to see a game.

There is no wonder the negotiations are dragging. The city and Province can’t even agree who will pay for the plebiscite. That’s the plebiscite, the City had previously voted twice not to have.

So what is happening on Sept, 10th? What was said in the closed door meeting on Aug 1, that resulted in these confidence building quotes from our City Council?

“This is a shot across the bow to the other orders of government,” said Coun. Diane Colley-Urquhart.

“Without talking about our discussion, I have to say that my confidence in an Olympic bid is at an all-time low,” said Coun. Druh Farrell,

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